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The Multiclamp binder is an extremely strong, lightweight, two part aluminium clamp with a patented channel feature. Our premium binder can clamp sheets of any size securely within the one set of drawings without creasing, crimping or slippage.

Adjustable - The Multiclamp channel design allows the handle and stop to be moved to any position along the channel. This feature permits the clamp to be adapted to most existing front loading the clamp storage systems.

Strength - All parts are of heavy duty reinforced material and are guaranteed not to strip or break under normal use.

Channel - All heavy duty parts are captured within the channel. This eliminates any possibility of the clamp accidentally dismantling when the wing nuts are unwound excessively.

Indexing Label - Black label holders are standard on all clamps.

Sizes & Capacity - Each clamp has a 25mm opening capacity and will hold over 100 sheets. Available in silver anodised aluminium.
Available in four sizes :
A0 - 950mm / B1 - 800mm / A1 - 650mm / A2 - 500mm

Multiclamp Mobiles

Frames are constructed for strength and mobility and will not bow, even under the heaviest of loads. Finished in Satin Black scratch resistant powdercoat enamel. Stand design allows clear access to document as there is no obstruction to the front of the unit, eliminating possible document damage. Mobiles are supplied in kit form for self assembly using the one simple tool provided.

  • One stand fits all sizes - Any size and most brands of clamp can be stored.
  • Height Adjustable - This unit can be adjusted to two height to suit customer requirements (see below).
  • System Shelf - Standard on all mobiles and offers additional storage capacity for associated files.
  • Locking Castors - Standard on all units
A0 / B1 - 1370mm (h) x 590mm (w)
A1 / A2 - 1070mm (h) x 590mm (w)

Multiclamp Wall Mount

Wall mounted binder storage units are an economical form of clamp storage. This unit saves valuable floor space and will hold sheets of any length. Holds clamps of any size and can be used for either left or right handed binder access. Finished in Satin Black scratch resistant powdercoat enamel.

Capacity: 10 Clamps of any size (1,000 sheets)
Dimensions: 145mm (w) 275mm (d)
Multiclamp Plastic Strips

A Simple System - Multiplan has developed a simple and unique system to hang documents and other articles. The system hangs each sheet individually on a self adhesive polyester strip from a triangular bar. Multiplan also manufactures an extensive range of heavy duty job bags for storing group drawings, artwork etc. which integrates into the system.

All Sheet Sizes align to one Index Point - Using the Multiplan System, every sheet, irrespective of size, lines up to one reference point. This indexing point is always located on the right had side of the system. When you need a document, you need only look along the indexing point to access every one.

Intermingle Associated Articles - The Multiplan System is extremely flexible, you can file different sized documents with other articles such as folders, artwork, film etc. and they will all intermingle and be easily accessible.

Instant Access & Retrieval - Simple snap in, snap out action.



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